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If you have trouble taking care of yourself, it’s important to realize that you are not alone. Everyone has difficulty in this area sometimes, and it’s perfectly normal to struggle with self-love and compassion. That’s why having a few daily practices that focus on developing and nurturing these qualities is helpful. 

Start with Positive and Loving Affirmations

This might sound cliche or funny, but it’s not. Over time, these affirmations shift your mindset and change your thoughts about yourself, even if you don’t believe them initially. You can implement this in many ways, including the classic way of talking to yourself in the mirror or writing them down in a journal. Smartphone applications like Thinkup are a great resource too. 

Take Care of Your Body

One of the best ways to truly love yourself is to take care of your body. This doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or join a gym; it means giving yourself time every day to do something that nourishes and nurtures your body, like stretching, yoga, walking, or having an Epsom salt bath. However, a proper diet and exercise routine provides many benefits that can’t be ignored. For example, eating clean, nutritious food and regular exercise helps clear your mind and increase energy levels, making it easier to be compassionate and loving towards yourself.

Enjoy Plenty of Alone Time

Enjoying plenty of alone time is beneficial for physical and mental health. It allows you to reconnect with yourself, rest and recharge your energy levels. Spend this time meditating, journaling, walking in nature, or engaging in an activity that brings you joy, such as reading or painting. Spending at least ten to fifteen minutes alone makes you aware of your thoughts and feelings so you can work through any issues you may have.

Let Go of Perfectionism and High Expectations

While striving for improvement and growth is great, perfectionism is often the enemy of self-love. Nobody is perfect; learn to accept mistakes without beating yourself up about them and occasionally give yourself permission for imperfection. 

Learn to Forgive Yourself

Mistakes are a normal part of life, and learning to forgive yourself for them is an important part of self-love. Holding on to grudges, shame, or guilt damages your mental health. It clouds you from making the right choices and living the life you want. This will take a conscious effort to practice, but with time and patience, you will learn how to forgive yourself. 

Make Room for Practice 

No one is great at everything. Even their strengths need practice. So make room for practice if you want to improve in any area of your life. It could be as simple as setting aside thirty minutes daily to work on those skills or attending classes and workshops to hone your talent. With time you will see just how strong you are and, in turn, will grow your self-love and compassion.

Give these tips a try, and you will build the self-love and compassion you need to live a long and enjoyable life. Remember, it will take time and practice to make these daily habits stick, but the rewards are ultimately worth it. So don’t be afraid to start today and watch yourself grow into a stronger and more compassionate person every day. 


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