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While it may sound hard or too good to be true, you do have the power to be happy and find joy in life. It doesn’t require you to be overly positive or involve toxic positivity. Instead, it’s a process of finding joy in the little things each day and celebrating them as part of your life. Too often, people look for joy in arbitrary big events or grand gestures, not realizing that joy also comes from the little things. 

It’s important to understand that finding joy does not mean having a constant state of positivity and ignoring the hardships of life. That isn’t realistic, nor is it helpful. Instead, finding joy is about acknowledging those small moments that please you, even if they are fleeting. It’s worth taking time to appreciate and savor them when they arrive.

Here are six simple ways to find joy every day:

Have Fun with Loved Ones

From friends to family members or a significant other, spending time with those you care about makes all the difference in your day. It provides a new focus and perspective that prevents you from getting bogged down in negative thoughts.

Dance It Out

Moving your body through music is proven scientifically to reduce stress levels and promote creativity. So why not turn up some tunes every once in a while, and hit the dance floor? Let loose, laugh at yourself, and allow yourself to feel good while doing something enjoyable.

Say “I Love You” and “Thank You” More Often  

Expressing feelings of love and appreciation towards people in your life has a powerful effect on boosting your happiness. Lifting the spirits of those around you will make your environment more pleasant and spread joy.

Do Something Generous  

Most are taught early on the importance of generosity and helping others. Not only does it make the other person happy, but it also brings you joy by knowing that you have done something kind and good.

Enjoy More Play and Work Less

Society wants you to believe that you are here to work and play less and that self-care is more selfish than necessary. This is far from the truth; you deserve to play, not just any play, but meaningful and fulfilling play. Find activities that give you joy and make time for them, no matter how small they may be.

Celebrate Achievements of All Sizes 

Regardless of how big or small the accomplishment is, please take a moment to recognize it and feel proud of yourself. You deserve it and should use it as motivation to reach the next goal.

Finding joy in life doesn’t have to involve big grand gestures or trying overly hard to be positive. Appreciating the little things creates contentment and happiness in life, where joy is always within reach. Start small, pay attention to your surroundings, and make conscious choices that will bring you closer to joy every day. You have the power to find joy in even the most challenging of times.


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