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Meditation is a simple practice that has been around for centuries, and it offers a variety of amazing benefits. Improved mental clarity, reduced stress levels, increased focus and creativity, better sleep – the list goes on. Adding meditation to your daily routine is a great way to nourish your body and mind. 

Here are six simple meditation practices to add to your daily routine: 

Mindfulness Meditation 

This practice helps cultivate awareness of your thoughts and feelings to gain insight into your reactions and emotions. This type of meditation helps reduce stress and allows you more control over your reactions in challenging situations. To get started, find a quiet space and focus on your breathing. Then, notice any thoughts or emotions that arise and practice acceptance of them rather than judgment. 

Loving-Kindness Meditation 

This form of meditation is based on cultivating kindness towards yourself and others. To start this practice, sit comfortably and bring to mind someone you love deeply. Then, focus on sending positive thoughts of goodwill to this person, such as “may you be happy, healthy, and at peace.” After practicing with those you know well, try extending loving-kindness to strangers or those who cause difficulty. 

Body Scanning/Progressive Relaxation 

This technique involves systematically scanning through each area of your body while focusing on releasing tension as you go along. This practice helps with relaxation by increasing blood flow throughout the body, allowing for greater physical comfort. To get started lay flat on your back and consciously bring awareness to each part of your body, starting with your head and working down to your toes. 

Breath Awareness Meditation 

This practice involves focusing on the process of focusing on your breath moving in and out of your body. It helps to increase relaxation and mindfulness by bringing attention to the present moment and away from worries or stressors of daily life. To begin, find a comfortable sitting position and focus on feeling the air move in and out through the nostrils or chest area. Do not control or force breathing but observe how it naturally occurs without judgment. 

Guided Meditation or Visualization 

This meditation practice involves a guide that leads you into a deeper state of relaxation using verbal cues and imagery. It’s a great way to gain insight into your subconscious mind, allowing you to become more mindful of any underlying issues or beliefs preventing you from living life to its fullest potential. To get started, simply find a guided meditation recording, close your eyes, and follow the instructions given by the guide.  

Mantra Meditation  

This practice involves repeating a mantra or phrase repeatedly to reach a deeper level of consciousness. This brings many benefits, including improved concentration, emotional stability, and increased joy and contentment. To begin this practice, sit in an upright position with your eyes closed and start repeating your chosen mantra silently or softly out loud. Try to focus on the words and their meaning as you repeat them. 

As you have learned, meditation is a simple yet powerful tool to help nourish your body and mind. By adding these six practices into your daily routine, you start to notice an overall shift in how you feel mentally and physically. The more you do them, the happier and more confident you will become.   


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