How to Turn Your Evening Bath Into a Transformative Spiritual Experience

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One of the most amazing things about spirituality is that so many of the practices can done with your normal daily activities. You might not think that you can meditate while going on a walk, ground yourself while you are spending the day at the park, or read tarot in the morning during your morning routine, but you definitely can.

Another great spiritual activity that can be done is by taking a spiritual bath. All you need to do is add a few extra things to your bath and it will go from being a relaxing bath to on that helps you connect more with yourself, increase your intuition, get rid of negative energy, and work toward your spiritual growth.

Here are some ways to have a spiritual bath:
Why Take a Spiritual Bath?

As you begin to create your spiritual daily routines, adding a bath to it can provide a lot of benefits. For one thing, a spiritual bath really helps you to connect with yourself. You probably lead a very busy, chaotic life, and it can be hard to just stop and be still. Aside from intentional meditation, you may have very few moments during the day where you feel grounded.

The bath allows you to be grounded and have a quiet moment to yourself to focus on your spiritual growth and really enhance the connection you have with yourself. The stronger this connection is, the stronger your intuition becomes.

Another reason the spiritual bath can benefit you is by becoming a convenient place to meditate. You may not have a good meditative space in your home, or this might be the only time you are alone in the peace and quiet. You can combine your bath with your meditation practice to turn it into a transformative experience.

You will also be able to cleanse your negative energy in the spiritual bath if you use crystals, bath salts, and essential oils that are meant to do just that.

What to Include in Your Spiritual Bath

There is so much you can put in your spiritual bath, and it really depends on your own preferences. You can easily use whatever you have at home, then slowly accumulate more spiritual items on by one. Don’t go out and spend all your savings on every single item on this list. These are just some suggestions of what helps to enhance your bath to make it a more spiritual experience.

Sea salt – Salt in your bath can do wonders for cleansing your physical body and your spiritual body of negative energy. The best types of salt for this purpose include sea salt, Epsom salt, and pink Himalayan salt.

Crystals – The bath is also a great place to start utilizing haling crystals for your spiritual journey. You can keep them around the side of the tub or nearby, and be able to use their energy. Some crystals that work great for clearing negative energy and relaxing you are black tourmaline and rose quartz.

Essential oils and candles – The soothing scents you get from candles and essential oils really help to enhance your bath experience. The more relaxed you are, the more you can soak into the tub and enjoy the experience. Some essential oils to consider are lavender, peppermint, patchouli, and frankincense.

Smudge sticks – If you are using the spiritual bath to cleanse your energy, then smudge sticks are a great idea. Light a sage or palo santo stick and set it near your bath to help remove the negative energy from your space.

More Tips for Spiritual Baths
Here are a few more tips for your spiritual baths:

Combine the bath with other spiritual practices – As we mentioned, it is a great idea to combine the spiritual bath with other spiritual practices. This might include visualization, manifesting, and meditation.

Try taking a spiritual bath on a new moon – There are some unique benefits to taking baths during certain phases of the moon, particularly the new moon. This is one of the best times to manifest what you want, and you can really improve your transformations by taking a spiritual bath during the new moon.

Use the bath as your sacred energy space – If it’s possible, use a bathtub that only you use, such as the one in your master bedroom. The reason is because it helps to protect the energy of that space and allows it to remain sacred to you for your spiritual journey.

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