Law Of Attraction

The #1 Thing You Must Do To Manifest What You Want

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With the law of attraction, the universe helps to bring you what you desire by asking, showing gratitude, visualizing, and maintaining high vibrations and positive energy. This sounds easy, almost too easy. You can have whatever you want? Yes, but you also need to remember that many things you are trying to manifest into your life will still require action on your part.

Action Increases Your Vibration

First of all, when you take positive action on something you are trying to manifest, you are increasing your vibration. It gives you this heightened energy because you know you are making positive change in your life toward your goals. When you set intentions based on what you are trying to attract, it first taps into your subconscious that this is what needs to be done.

Next, as you start achieving each task as you take action, you feel more confident and proud of yourself for getting closer to what you want. Every time you do this, you are going to raise your vibration more and more.

When Do You Take Action?

Deciding when and how to take action can be a little tricky, but if you are paying attention to the signs from the universe and following your own intuition, it will be easy to figure out. Not everything you are trying to manifest requires a lot of action upfront. After all, you are not in control of how or when something appears in your life after you ask for it from the universe. However, when your gut is telling you that you should do something or make a move in order to attract what you want, you want to pay attention to that.

Say for example, you are trying to manifest more money and wealth. You know that your current position at your job does not allow you to get there, but you are trusting in the universe to help you manifest what you want. Then one day, your boss calls you into her office and talks to you about another position in the company she wants to fill, and wants to talk to you about it. If you feel that this is something you can do, and it gets you closer to what you are trying to manifest, that might just be the action you need to get closer to what you want to manifest.

On the other hand, if a couple weeks after you write down that you want to earn more money, you lose your job, maintain your positivity and trust in the universe! In this situation, it might be a sign from the universe that your wealth is going to come in another opportunity, not with the job you had before.

Signs That it is Time to Take Action

Here are some signs that it is time to take action with what you are manifesting into your life:

You receive new opportunities or meet new people. You keep getting the same type of sign or pattern from the universe. Your intuition is telling you to talk to someone new, make a move, or get yourself into a new environment. You get a sudden spark of creativity or an idea you get really excited about.

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