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4 Common Ways to Use Crystals In Spiritual Practices

4 Common Ways to Use Crystals In Spiritual Practices

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There are a wide variety of tools you can use for spiritual practices, from tarot cards to moon water. Something you might consider using is crystals, which are not just pretty stones to decorate your home with. Crystals hold onto energy and frequency, and can be really powerful when it comes to any form of spiritual practice. 

Programming Them for Manifestations

The first way to use crystals for spiritual practice is for manifesting your desires. If you are trying to manifest something you want into your life, then certain crystals will be ideal to use, like selenite, moonstone, and clear quartz. Not only can you keep them nearby when scripting or doing other manifestation rituals, but you can also program individual crystals to hold that manifestation. 

For example, if you want to manifest love into your life, use a crystal like rose quartz that is deeply connected to finding love. Cleanse it and charge it first, then set intentions to use that crystal for finding love. Leave it out under a full moon, then hold it whenever you are visualizing finding love.

Using Crystals During Meditation

Another way people often use crystals for spiritual practices is with meditation. You can use your intuition when selecting a crystal for your meditation practice, or program a crystal to be used for this purpose. Use crystals that help to clear your mind and offer relaxation of your thoughts, such as moonstone, amethyst, or rose quartz. 

Bringing Crystal Energy With You

You might want to carry the crystal energy around with you, such as wearing crystal jewelry or simply carrying them in your purse or pocket. This is a good idea when you have a lot of anxiety doing certain things, such as having a crystal in your car if you get driving anxiety, or holding onto a crystal if you are afraid of heights and going on a hike. Set intentions for the crystals, and you can use them for just about anything.

Crystals for Divination and Tarot

If you like to read tarot or oracle cards, or do other forms of divination, crystals will become your partner in these practices. Some crystals are known for helping you to connect with your higher self and open up your third eye, such as selenite and clear quartz, though you can use any crystal you happen to be drawn to. You may even program some crystals to be used for every tarot reading you do.

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