Manifesting Tips: When is Visualization Most Effective?

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Visualization is a technique often used to what you want in your life, but it can also be used during other spiritual practices. With visualization, you are attracting the vibrations of what you want more of in your life, so even if you just want to be more intuitive, that is what you can picture in your mind.

While you can do visualization at any time of the day, there are certain situations and spiritual practices when it is more effective. Here are some things to consider when you are fitting a visualization practice into your spiritual routine.

After You Have Meditated

A really great time to start your visualization practice is right after you have meditated. This can be any time of day, though meditation in the early morning hours is highly recommended.

When you meditate in the morning, you take advantage of “witching hour” which is between 2 and 5am typically. This is when the veil between the 3D world and the spiritual realm is the thinnest. You might notice a lot more benefits from your meditation practice if you can wake up early and do it at this time.

But regardless of when you meditate, give yourself about 10-15 minutes after your meditation practice in order to do your visualization. Once meditation is over, your mind is clear, your body is relaxed, and you should be free of negative energy. This makes it much easier to visualize in more detail as you don’t have outside stressors getting in the way of your concentration.

During Scripting

Another option for your visualization is to do it when you are scripting. If you have been manifesting for a while, you are probably already aware of what scripting is. This is when you write down what you want, but in a way that it has already happened.

Think of scripting as a way to ask the universe for what you want, but acting like it already exists in your life. So, if you have a dream car you are trying to manifest, you would write down how excited you are to have your brand new car, then describe it in great detail. Make sure to include how you feel in your brand new car, not just what it looks like.

With visualization, you can combine scripting and visualization to make your scripting more powerful. By imagining exactly what it would be like to have the car, to feel the wind on your face as you drive down the coast, to sit on the leather seats, to put your hands on the steering wheel, you are able to be very descriptive with your scripting.

This allows the universe to better match your vibrations and bring you what you want.

When You Are Manifesting Something New

Any time you decide to manifest something new in your life, you should utilize visualization. With the law of attraction, you really need to be able to put yourself in the place of saving what you want, and tap into your emotions. It isn’t just the words or what you see that is important in visualization, it is how you feel.

If you have ever daydreamed and you suddenly got butterflies in your stomach, your hair stood on end, or you got chills, that is how you know your visualization has gotten to the next level where you an actually feel what it would be like to have your dreams.

So, if you are looking to manifest something new into your life, try visualization in whatever way works best for you. Do it as many times as needed in order to really get into detail about what you desire the most. This can also helps you adjust what you’re asking for, and see what you really want in your life, not just what you thought you should want.

When You Are Relaxed

Finally, always do visualization when you are completely relaxed and don’t have any outside distractions. It is really hard to focus on what you are trying to attract more into your life when you can hear cars outside, dogs barking, or kids trying to talk to you.

Wait until you are either alone or the house is quiet. This is another big benefit of visualizing early in the morning before anyone else has woken up.

Get into a comfortable position, whether this means sitting or lying down. If listening to music helps, by all means listen to something inspiring. Maybe you choose to listen to something that brings to what you are trying to visualize, such as the sound of a waterfall if you dream of going on a vacation to Hawaii or the sound of a sports car driving down the road if you are manifesting a new car.

In the stillness is when your visualizations are most powerful.

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