We often receive messages from customers inquiring about why a tracking number is not updating. Firstly, we want to assure you that you will receive your order. In the unlikely event that something has gone wrong, we will correct the issue by either re-sending your order or issuing a refund to you. So, please do not worry. Below provides some information on the various tracking statuses that may show up when tracking your package.

1. Tracking Number Not Found

When you receive the Shipping Confirmation email that contains your tracking number, this means that your order was just processed and a tracking number was generated, which may be still processing through the carrier’s system. This does not mean that the package has been dropped off or picked up. Your order is now being prepared for shipment and will be picked up or dropped off within 1 business day.

2. Shipping Label Created/Scheduled Delivery Pending (FedEx)

Some orders are shipped internationally in bulk and then divided and dispatched to their destinations from the FedEx facility in Ontario, CA (US). The tracking number will not show activity until the package has arrived and is scanned at the FedEx facility, usually within 5-10 days from the time it was shipped. The tracking will then be updated with a scheduled delivery date, determined by the destination.

So please don’t be concerned if you do not see tracking activity right away. Your order was shipped and is on the way. 

3. Shipping Label Created or Pre-Shipment Info Sent

This status indicates that the tracking number has now been registered in the carrier’s system. Your order will be dropped off or picked up within 1 business day. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for the tracking number to begin showing activity.

If the status remains here for longer than 5 business days, please do not be concerned. Tracking numbers can sometimes remain stuck at this status for longer or until delivered.

If we did not notify you of any issues with your order, then your order was shipped and should be on its way to you.

At this stage, we recommend that you not rely on the tracking and instead refer to our estimated delivery times.

4. Shipment Received or Picked Up (Accepted)

At this point the package is no longer in our possession. It has been either dropped off at the shipping service facility or picked up by the shipping service worker. At this stage, the package may or may not have been individually processed and scanned into the system, but should be within 4 business days. 

If the status remains here seeming to be stuck for longer than 5 business days, in most cases, this simply means that the package wasn’t individually scanned into the system, but is likely still ‘In Transit’ even though the tracking doesn’t reflect that.

When this happens, tracking activity may be delayed or may not show until it’s actually delivered. This has been a common issue, but please do not worry and please be patient. Your package is likely moving along. At this stage, we recommend that you not rely on the tracking and instead refer to our estimated delivery times.

5. Arrived at Origin Sort Facility

This means that the package has been individually scanned and processed and is on its way to you! 

6. Extended Delays or Other Issues

Please understand that any activity that occurs after the package is in the possession of the postal service is out of our control.

However, if your order has still not arrived after 20 days and there is no updated tracking information available or if you are experiencing any other issue, please contact us and we will do our best to help resolve the issue.