Tibetan Singing Bowl


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Singing bowls emit a purity of resonant sound. Enjoy meditation, healing, or music. Not only can you hear the tones but you can often feel the vibrations. It comes with a rubber ring and a sounding mallet. More than just a Tibetan singing bowl, it’s a beautiful accent to any space.

Singing bowls are used all around the world for spiritual practice and to enhance personal well-being. The singing bowls emit beautiful, centering sound when striked. A harmonious and steady “singing” sound can also be produced by rubbing the mallet around the edge of the bowl.

  • Handcrafted sound bowl with beautiful intricate detail, and comes with a sounding mallet and cushion.
  • Enjoy long-lasting ambient sound, this Singing Bowl will soon become your favorite go to for meditation or relaxation.
  • A lovely, unique gift for a loved one — Give the gift of wellness.
  • Beautifully designed singing bowl – ready to calm, relax and improve the mood. Perfect for yoga and meditation.

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