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Gemstone Elixir Sprays created with natural essential oils and healing crystals. 150ml spray bottle.


Prosperity with Citrine crystals. Attract prosperity in your life when you use this spray created with Orange essential oil. Citrine is the stone of success. It brings joy, wealth, and abundance. Orange releases fears and promotes positivity. You will feel uplifted.

Protection with Black Tourmaline. Protect your home and yourself when you use this spray created with Vetiver. Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone against negativity. Vetiver attunes to the energies of the earth, attracting the nature’s spirits around you and creating a protection aura.

Universal Love with Rose Quartz crystals. Attract Universal love into your life with this spray, created with Rose essential oils. Rose Quartz is the stone of higher love for our self, for everyone and everything in the world. Rose promotes balance and unconditional love.

Clarity with Quartz crystals. See with clarity when you use this spray created with Patchouli essential oils. Clear Quartz is a purifier and healer. It brings high vibrations and energies of light. Patchouli is calming and will clarify the thoughts. Feel and understand your intuition.

Healing with Amethyst crystals. Heal from the inside out when you use this spray created with Lavender. Amethyst is the master healer and cleanser. It enhances spirituality. Lavender is calming and soothing. This is the best combination to bring you inner peace and balance.

Love with Emerald crystals. Attract love into your life with this spray, created with White Ginger essential oils. Emerald brings luck, helps improve communication, and activates the heart chakra. Ginger essential oil will boost your self-confidence.

Divine Connection with Rainbow Moonstone crystal. Connect with the Divine when you use this spray created with Jasmine essential oil. Rainbow Moonstone is a feminine stone of high spirituality and connectivity. Jasmine connects us with our divine nature. It releases fears and brings happiness.

Grounding with Hematite crystals. Stay grounded with this spray that was created using Sandalwood essential oils. Hematite makes your mind strong and clear, helping you to keep the focus on your goals. Sandalwood enhances a sense of awareness and calmness.

Guidance with Angelite crystals. Attract the guidance that you need with this spray created with Frankincense essential oils. Angelite is a stone of communication. It helps you connect with your guides and ask for wisdom. Frankincense is known to enhance our spiritual awareness.

Passion with Garnet crystals. Live with passion when you use this spray created using Ylang Ylang essential oils. Garnet is associated with fire, love, energy, inspiration. It boosts self-confidence. Ylang Ylang brings balance and harmony, supporting positive emotions. 



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