How to Start Your Spiritual Routine With Meditation

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If you have been working on expanding your spiritual routine and looking to add new practices, it doesn’t get much better than meditation. This is one of the best, most therapeutic practices you can do, whether you are closely in tuned with your intuition and inner self or not.

Meditation is often intimidating for people who have never done it before, because there is this pressure from people who claim you have to clear your mind and think about nothing for it to be effective. But meditating is so much more than that. It helps you stay present, center yourself, and you learn how to focus your mind on one thing.

There are many ways to add it to your spiritual routine with simple methods even a beginner can do.

Wake Up During Witching Hour

The witching hour is the time of early morning when the veil between the living world and the spiritual world is the thinnest. While people often consider this a time to connect with people who have passed on or even more supernatural motivations, don’t let that scare you. For your spiritual growth, think of it as a time to focus more on meditation and expanding your intuition.

If you are new to meditation, this can actually be the ideal time for you because it will be easier for your mind to clear in the stillness. Witching hour is between 2 and 4am, though some people experience it up to 5am. Many spiritual people set their alarm for 2- 3 in the morning in order to meditate and take advantage of this unique energy. Others have noticed that their body automatically wakes up around 3 every morning.

It is definitely worth setting your alarm early for a few days in a row, going through a beginner’s guided meditation, and then seeing how you feel. You can then compare this to meditating later in the morning or even another time during the day, and see if you notice any differences. If you don’t, then it might not be necessary for you to meditate so early.

Meditate Before You Do Anything Else

Regardless of what time you wake in the morning, you do want to meditate before you do anything else. Meditating is easiest to do when your mind is the clearest. This means not looking at phone notifications, scrolling social media, or watching the news.

Though there are some activities that can actually help you with meditation. This might include writing in your journal, doing your dream journaling, and just going through a few minutes of deep breathing exercises. When the activity helps you to relax further and get rid of anxious thoughts, then it can be worth doing during before your meditation practice.

Otherwise, just plan your meditation for shortly after you wake up in the morning. It is an easy practice to add to your normal morning routine, and shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Meditate Before Reading Tarot

Anther way to add meditation to your spiritual routine is to meditate before you start a tarot session. This doesn’t have to be in the morning, it can be any time of day you plan to pull some tarot cards.

Meditation helps tremendously with centering yourself, connecting with the cards, talking to spirits, and using your intuition. While each tarot card comes with several meanings, you still need to use your own intuition to figure out what it means for you, depending on what you are pulling cards for.

For example, you might pull cards for a love reading, pull just a single card before your day begins, or do a reading for someone else. The way you read a card one day can be completely different than how you read it the next, based on your own energy and intuition.

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